Booking restaurants

Have you a table for four? The snapshot above shows your correspondent booking a table for four at a fish restaurant in London's Fulham Road on a Sunday evening sometime in the early summer of 1986. It was quite a task. Armed with a current copy of Timeout magazine and a recent edition of Yellow Pages it ...

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Character Sketches

This year Axolotl Systems have seen a huge jump in the number of customers accessing our client's websites via mobile devices. We decided it was high time we made a video highlighting how important it is to ensure customers who reach out to your brand on their smartphone receive an excellent service. After a bit of brainstorming ...

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Axolotl Pic

The Axolotl: A musical explanation. Axolotls have some rather magical abilities (musical talents excluded). If you're interested in finding out more about these unusual creatures then this page on Wikipedia is a great place to start. However, if you just fancy quick introduction wrapped up in the form of a highly catchy tune, then ...

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In no particular order   1. Earwax! 2. They are made for dropping 3. Great for keeping toddlers quiet 4. It's irritating using them to order in restaurants when the staff are standing beside you 5 .You walk into a room and no one looks up 6. ...

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Banner pen mobile

Is the future rolling out? As a kid, walking by the roadside, I found a plastic pen with a pullout scroll inside. The scroll was a garish laminate cartoon map of Hawaii. It was quite a find for a 9 year old, and had a very satisfying action. Once the map was drawn out it would remain there ...

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