Have you a table for four?

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Have you a table for four?

The snapshot above shows your correspondent booking a table for four at a fish restaurant in London's Fulham Road on a Sunday evening sometime in the early summer of 1986.
It was quite a task. Armed with a current copy of Timeout magazine and a recent edition of Yellow Pages it took two hours and approx twenty phone calls to even find a half decent restaurant open on a Sunday evening in those days.
A further hour was spent finding out where the open ones were situated from our base in SW2, thank you the London A-Z. Then we had to find a spare table for four.
We nearly gave up and went for chips.
I dimly recall we were entertaining visitors and wanted something special, so chips simply wouldn't do. We could have gone to Kettners in Soho, trusty, reliable, stylish and open but that meant more pizza. We could have chosen Chinese but had done that on Friday.
It all ended up being well worth the trouble and the bother, but we were really lucky. Our meal was fantastic (I had the seafood platter ) and we had found a 'keeper' for Sunday nights. On the table next to us were a group of guys from the Magic Circle, they showed us card tricks and read our palms - random!
Outside of hotels, most name restaurants in London and indeed countrywide closed on a Sunday in the olden days. Choice was limited and access to those choices was time consuming and laborious.
No mobile phones, no emails, no texts, no simply calling up a website on a smart phone. No point asking google.
However did we manage?
Meanwhile back here in the future, there is no need for giant telephone books and hanging on fixed telephone lines, we have the glorious mobile phone, for that is what it is.
We at Axolotl Systems have noticed that most of our client's websites are now being accessed via mobiles, (restaurants in particular).
It is therefore imperative that the site is clearly mobile responsive and not a jumble of tiny writing.
We have made a 90 second animation to explain this mobile concept and charming it is too. Have a swatch...

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