Making our marketing video

Character Sketches

This year Axolotl Systems have seen a huge jump in the number of customers accessing our client's websites via mobile devices.

We decided it was high time we made a video highlighting how important it is to ensure customers who reach out to your brand on their smartphone receive an excellent service.

After a bit of brainstorming it was decided that we would separate ourselves from the competition by veering away from the current trend of using infographics and statistics. Instead we would focus on conveying a simple message in 90 seconds. We would tell the story of Fred and his frustrating experience of using a non-responsive website on his smart phone.

After drawing up a concise script and lightening the tone a little with a playful side-story, we began developing the characters. Fred (our protagonist), Bird (his cheeky nemesis) and June (the love interest) are all shown in the inital character sketch above.

The basic 3D model below was an early test, conducted when deciding on the style and treatment of the animated film.

From the finished script each scene was broken into shots and then storyboarded. We produced an animatic to ensure the timings all felt comfortable and then began animating.

We're very pleased with the results.

If you haven't already seen the finished film on our home page you can view it in full screen HD here.

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