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graphic design

Graphic Design & Branding

Creating a strong brand can make the difference between success and failure so it's important to get it right. A great brand not only resonates and engages with its audience but is capable of changing perceptions.

Our design work

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The Process


To be effective we need to know & understand your intended audience and the message you aim to convey. Where does your product or service sit in the marketplace? What is your USP? Who are your competitors and what makes your product or service different or better?


Based on our research we will present ideas to you in scamp form, for consideration & discussion. Working closely with you to harness your knowledge of your industry, Axolotl will provide sound technical and practical advice focusing on performing consistently across all media platforms.


Following your agreement on concept we will refine the scamp designs and work up the graphics to create finished pieces for the final sign-off. Dependent on the project your finalised designs may then be published online or prepared for commercial printing in a range of formats.

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