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Pay Per Click Advertising - Maximise your returns

As part of a coordinated online marketing strategy, cleverly crafted pay per click advertising (PPC) campaigns will make a massive difference to your sales figures. A solid, well-managed PPC campaign for your business, supported by other online marketing techniques will form the springboard for online success.

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Much like advertising in more traditional print and press, the level at which you enter the market is entirely your decision. However the advantages afforded by PPC are game-changing. You'll have total control over your marketing spend, the flexibility to react quickly to success or failure in the target market, and most notably your spend will have total accountability. Success in PPC is completely measurable and that's why Axolotl love it.

Sometimes referred to as Paid Search, PPC operates by method of auction. Advertisers bid for their ranking within a specified search network. When a user searches for a particular keyword or phrase a sponsored result will appear at the top of the page. This result will then link to the winning bidder's website and the specified page which relates directly to the original search term.

In our experience the way to get serious value for money is to target market a particular product or service and draw a pre-identified customer group directly to your business offering.

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