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Social Media - Where it's at.

No one can ignore social media. It's everywhere. Brands love it because it drives sales, creates brand awareness and develops customer loyalty. Social is big news when it comes to attracting new customers and instigating repeat business.

Axolotl Systems are in the business of achieving real results from this virtual world. If you haven't started getting your brand out there, you should. So whether you're new to social media or looking to shift it up a gear, we'd be delighted to get involved.

Social media is a conversation. We can help brands engage in the conversation. But before we start talking it's important to listen and understand. Not just to what our clients want but to what the online public want.

Research is key. Understanding what's being talked about, who's driving the conversations and what actions can be taken is a vital part of the process to building a successful presence online.
Engaging successfully is about having meaningful conversations and promoting positive word of mouth. Building and growing a community is the name of the game.

Brands use social media to get people together and allow them to communicate, so lightness of touch is important. The way your brand is represented must be controlled; understanding how to transmit your tone of voice, language and values when it comes to interacting on social is our prerogative.

We can develop social media strategies, provide training and recruit for social media roles as necessary.

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