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Attract-o-lotl - Comprehensive SEO Software

Attract-o-lotl is our dynamic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool designed to maximise the visibility of your website to all the major search engines. The software enables you to attract more relevant visitors to your website by drawing attention to individual pages, as well as making your website perform under a much larger range of search terms.

Axolotl systems offers a fully managed search engine optimisation service, but for those who wish to take full control of their website Attract-o-lotl is now bundled with both Manage-o-lotl and Sell-o-lotl to allow customers faster and easier access to your products and services. It gives you this control directly providing you with the opportunity to compete for search engine traffic at the highest levels.


  • URL Rewriting tool
  • 301 redirect functions
  • Editable on site 404 error page
  • Alternative & shortened URL creator
  • Integration with Google Web Analytics & Webmaster tools
  • Social media integration
  • Automated page redirects when moving web pages
  • Page redirect option when deleting pages
  • Bespoke meta title, description & keyword on every page
  • Unlimited meta elements added as required



URL Rewriting is widely accepted as one of the key factors for good SEO, however for ASP applications, without Attract-o-lotl, it can be notoriously difficult and expensive. With Attract-o-lotl you can create user friendly keyword rich URLs on ASP web applications in seconds and you don't have to employ a programmer with a degree in C++ or COBOL to achieve first class results which will see visitor numbers increase.

404 Page Not Found - AgHHHH

The 404 error is one of the most common, yet most frustrating errors experienced on the internet. The Google 404 page is quite simply a turn off for most visitors, attract-o-lotl lets you capture all 404 errors on an on-site 404 error handling page where you can channel these visitors to their area of need. We've never had a page called, check out our 404 page! (opens in new window)

Bespoke Meta Data

The meta title for you page is another key factor that will help good organic search rankings in Google and other search engines, a good met description will also often be used by Google in its snippet on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Attract-o-lotl gives you complete control over your meta elements helping to create good organic search rankings over a broad range of search criteria.

Shortened URLs

Shortened URLs are ideal for publishing on printed collateral, the URL of this page for example is search friendly and keyword rich but quite long for publishing in printed material. By creating a shortened URL ( and setting a redirect to the full URL using Attract-o-lotl, we can create memorable page URLs without compromising organic search.

301 Redirects

Websites should be flexible and adaptable but when pages get moved or deleted you can potentially create broken links from search engines, directories and from other websites. Attract-o-lotl takes away the hassle of broken links by providing you with the facility to automatically redirect your visitors to a page URL of your choice when deleting pages.

Unlimited Meta Elements

Attract-o-lotl lets you easily create additional meta elements for use in specific circumstances. You may wish to create a Meta Robots tag to prevent search engines from indexing a page (or set of pages). With Attract-o-lotl its simply a case of adding a meta element named "robots" then adding noindex,nofollow as the parameters, again its completed in seconds with no need for a programmer.

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