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Blog-o-lotl software has been developed in response to businesses demands for an easily managed & easily maintained business blog.

Simply put, blogging is good for business; it affords your brand's online presence many advantages.

  • It's the easiest way of adding fresh content to your site regularly. This is important both for your customers and overall search engine visibility.
  • Steadily increasing the size of your online 'digital footprint' grows the spread of your online presence and makes your brand more attractive when it comes to link building and content partnership deals.
  • Blogging about current topics within your industry puts you at the forefront and allows you to capitalise on current trends, buzz words and emerging products and services where customer are seeking both clarification and choice.
  • By analysing trends within your market place and creating complimentary or associated 'blog articles' you can maximise your outreach and ride the waves of social communication.
  • A good blog gains you respect; knowledge is a commodity and becoming a definitive source online can raise your brand's profile dramatically.
  • Blogs allow you to educate potential customers, gain direct insight from existing ones and ready the market for new products and services.

Blog-o-lotl empowers you with the tools required to create a dialogue in your chosen field, helping create and maintain clear differentiation between you and your competitors.


  • Stand alone or blog on your primary URL
  • Easily moderate replies & comments
  • HTML (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Multimedia blogging
  • Permalink to all blog entries
  • Auto archiving facility
  • Video embedding capability
  • RSS Feed
  • Spam deterrent options
  • Create hyperlinks on-site & off-site


Blog-o-lotl on your Primary URL

Using Blog-o-lotl you can be set up your blog as a section within your main website. The SEO benefits of this feature are significant and if your blog is relevant to the products & services you offer (rather than a personal blog) it is now widely accepted as best practice. On this website for example; is the primary URL we blog on the primary URL at


Blogging is hugely advantageous for your business and to protect you against spam we've built in robust, reliable moderation facilities. We wish it wasn't necessary but experienced bloggers will know that spam and potentially defamatory comments are unfortunately a fact of life. We can't stop all spammers, however for Blog-o-lotl customers we've made dealing with their activities very simple.

Multimedia Blogging

Capitalising on the use of multimedia options (images, video & audio) is a bit of a no-brainer. Blog-o-lotl enables you to upload images, embed videos with audio tracks from You Tube, Vimeo etc. Videos can be re-sized to suit the pixel dimensions of your page and thus maintain visual consistency throughout your blog.


As Blog-o-lotl creates a unique page for each blog post, the ability to create a permanent link (permalink) to individual blog posts becomes easy. Moreover, as each blog post has it's own permanent URL, this URL can be optimised to incorporate relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings for all topics covered.

RSS Feed

Using standardised XML (eXtensible Markup Laguage) Blog-o-lotl provides an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed. This feed allows your readers the option of subscribing to updates or if they wish the ability to syndicate your content on their blog, website or other digital platform thus broadening the reach of your blog.


Blog-o-lotl incorporates a state of the art HTML text editor which generates valid XHTML, and uses CSS for formatting to ensure the clean separation of content from presentation. The editor is keyboard-accessible and markup generated meets the most demanding accessibility requirements.

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