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Book-o-lotl - Adaptable Booking system

Book-o-lotl provides your customers with "always live" flexibility, convenience and peace of mind.

Our online booking system can help your business in a number of ways. From enquiry to appointment our system can be adapted to meet your exact requirements. It's a great way of attracting new clients, manage existing ones and allowing you to take bookings 24/7. Your booking system can be fully integrated into websites which use Manage-o-lotl, Sell-o-lotl or bolted on to a website developed by a third party.

The most important consideration in a booking system should be ease of use both for your staff and your customers. For this reason booking systems always require careful planning and need to take many factors and multiple scenarios into account.

Book-o-lotl offers clients many of the basic requirements of a booking system allowing us to pass on a development saving in terms of both time and money. It's perfect for companies that want to offer date and time appointment booking services using calendars and/or date driven events.

If you're thinking you'll need something completely unique then our software development team are would be delighted to discuss your exact requirements.


  • Structured over SQL
  • Infinite scalability
  • Adaptable for numerous purposes
  • Capable of integration with payment gateways (PSPs)
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Option
  • Data export options (.csv files etc)
  • Integrated "back-end" management interface
  • Seamless integration with Manage-o-lotl or Sell-o-lotl
  • Simple bolt on for integration with 3rd party CMS
  • Bespoke reporting options available
  • Assign & control user level permissions
  • Live updates to bookings


SQL Advantages

Any fast efficient booking system will be structured over a database and this serves two essential purposes:- to create and edit the database entries and to perform queries. (eg: show all free appointment dates in March). The simple fact is that SQL performs these tasks more easily and faster than lesser systems, so why compromise?


Book-o-lotl has been successfully utilised for businesses as diverse as a car valeting business to a leisure complex offering cabaret tickets. Book-o-lotl can be tailored quickly and cost effectively to suit the exact needs of many businesses and in-built flexibility ensures up-scaling options as your business grows.

PSP Integration

For many businesses, a PSP (Payment Service Provider) will be selected to provide a secure online payment gateway. This presents no problems for Book-o-lotl, so whether you elect to use SagePay, Worldpay, Paypal, Google Checkout or one of the many other options we can ensure secure, safe online transactions.

User Level Permissions

Book-o-lotl user levels may be set to suit the exact needs of your business, in a typical installation levels may range from 0 - 5. A User Level 0 (zero) is the lowest possible Level and User Level 5 is the highest Level--meaning User Level 5 has absolute authority (highest permission level). Generally, a given User Level allows the user to edit or modify bookings for users that are at a "lower" User Level than themselves.

Seamless CMS Integration

If you have elected to use Manage-o-lotl or Sell-o-lotl and require a booking system, this may be fully integrated to enable access to the secure management interface via a single user login. This small but clever feature is proven to save management time and enable easier working, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than having to remember to log in and out of different systems.

Bespoke Reporting

Every business is different and the data that each business uses as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will therefore differ also. At Axolotl Systems, we understand that your uniqueness is a strength, so rather than shoe-horning your business to suit our software, we offer bespoke reporting options that empower you with the exact booking data you need from the system to drive your business forward.

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