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Manage-o-lotl - Content management System (CMS)

At its most basic your website is your shop window, your brochure, your portfolio and your price lists. Keeping it fresh and ensuring it remains up to date is an essential part of day-to-day business.

Axolotl Systems offer a fully managed service going forward, but for many clients tasking a web agency to carry out basic ongoing maintenance and grooming simply doesn't make sense.

Manage-o-lotl is our advanced online Content Management System (CMS). Developed and refined through over 10 years of practical application, our software now boasts hundreds of users. As simple as it is effective, anyone with basic computer skills will become proficient with just a few hours basic training.

Ensuring your site is perfectly optimised for the search engines is absolutely crucial to long term success online. We believe this so strongly we now bundle Attract-o-lotl our comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) software in with every copy of Manage-o-lotl.


  • Secure Management Interface accessible anywhere with internet connection
  • Incredibly easy to use (only basic computer skills required)
  • Fully Integrated Media Library with reassuring safety protocols
  • Embed video from external sources (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
  • W3C Compliant Text Editor (simplified interface, clean html)
  • WYSIWYG "Popup" or "Edit in Page" fuctionality options
  • Auto generated menus & breadcrumb navigation system
  • Now includes Attract-o-lotl our advanced SEO software
  • Group based permissions allowing different personnel access to manage only specific areas or all
  • Change images, edit text, add pages with the click of a button
  • Cut and Paste text straight from your word processor or the web
  • Build additional pages offsite then 'go live' when you complete
  • Automatically create 301 redirects when moving pages
  • Template driven pages create total consistency of look & feel
  • Content heirarchy enabling unlimited pages & click depth
  • 'View as guest' instant review when live site editing


Power you control

Change an image, edit some text, add a new case study or adjust your rate card. Manage-o-lotl allows you to performing all of your most common tasks in-house. Make changes when you want, where you want. Day or night, from any internet connected PC or Mac, anywhere in the world.


Using bespoke template pages you can seamlessly add additional content to your website. Manage-o-lotl enables you to do this in a way that ensures the look and feel of your site remains beautifully consistent in terms of aesthetics, structure and navigation.


Administration is simple. Choose the member or members of staff you wish to be responsible for updating general or specific information and Manage-o-lotl will grant them access and provide them with the simple interface they need to get the job done. It really is that straightforward.

Intuitive User Interface

When you are managing your website every day, the management user interface of your CMS needs to be both logical and intuitive. With years of experience & development we've honed the user interface to ensure that it meets both these requirements.


Manage-o-lotl software provides the tools required to ensure that your website complies with best practice including meeting W3C guidelines. The built-in tools help you ensure that you maintain these high standards when adding pages and changing text or images.


Getting a good number of relevant visitors to your website makes the difference between having a shop in the equivalent of Oxford Street or the middle of nowhere. Advanced SEO Features within the CMS Software ensure that you can generate visitors to your website by achieving high profile organic rankings.

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