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Mob-o-lotl Software

As a result of the increasing demand for both responsive and adaptive websites. Axolotl systems are delighted to bring you Mob-o-lotl, a fully functional mobile website managment plug-in for Manage-o-lotl.

Responsive websites work by detecting devices like iPhones, Android & Blackberries and then serving an optimized version of your website, specific to that device, instead of the full desktop version.

Using the Mob-o-lotl plug-in, all of your mobile specific content can now be managed via Manage-o-lotl. So now you can maintain both the desktop and mobile versions of your website using just one easy to use interface. No need to learn new tricks!

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous. In April 2012, eMarketer estimated that smartphone penetration in the UK would stand at 30% of the general population by the end of the year. Now they forecast that in 2016, smartphones will be owned by 78% of all UK mobile phone users.

With this massive shift in user trends underway, now is the time to start pushing your products and services on mobile devices.


  • Automatic Orientation Adjustments

Users can experience your site both in a vertical or horizontal layout by simply turning their phone. Mob-o-lotl will recognise the angle and adjust accordingly.

  • HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax

Modern coding practices have been used throughout Mob-o-lotl to ensure the browsing experience is seemless and slick just like any other native app.


  • Reduce, refine and target your mobile content.
  • Create mobile optimised navigation.
  • Minimise text entry.
  • Create a responsive website that caters for all devices.
  • Manage your mobile and traditional websites centrally to minimise administration.
  • Decide on a cut down of your existing website or create a separate mobile specific site.

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