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Axolotl Systems is not a "Churn & Burn" agency, we'd like to think that you would consider us as an extension of your business, providing support in the exact format that your business needs.

It is widely recognised that the most successful websites are those that continue to evolve; keeping up with or even setting market trends. Because there is a lot more that goes into developing, managing & maintaining a professional and stable website than just the visible web pages, it's worth making sure that it's done properly.

Computing and the internet is a fast moving business and protocols change, things can also go wrong that are beyond our control. This is why we offer a range of web maintenance & support options, enabling you to select an appropriate solution that meets the exact support needs of your business.

Each of these support options can be used on their own or in conjunction with the other options allowing you to customise the service we deliver. As your IT needs continue to evolve, these solutions provide you with the range and flexibility to ensure continuity and appropriateness of support.



This solution provides on-site and/or off-site IT support & consultancy at an agreed number of days or hrs per month to provide ongoing IT support and development.

We will provide a consultant(s) as a technical IT resource for an agreed number of days per month over an agreed duration. Within each month, you have the option (subject to availability) to organise dates & times to meet to your needs.


The "pay as you go" approach allows you to get the support you need when you need it. This is perfect for professionals and small businesses that have varying IT support needs.

On submission of your support request online, within 2 working days we will investigate your requirements & commence work as required; if the works are likely to exceed 4 hrs, we will contact you in advance to agree costs.


When something just can't wait we provide you with rapid support and consulting on an "as needs" basis to ensure that you are presenting the right image.

Where your market is one where rapid response is an imperative we can offer a response within 3 hrs (during working hours). As with Pay as you go, if the works are likely to exceed 4 hrs, we will contact you in advance to agree costs.

Fixed Price Support

You may have a specific and well defined element of work requiring a fixed price quote for delivering it. This is typical of a change that would take more than a day of "Pay as You Go" support.

Knowing your costs up front allows you to plan budget allocation and know exactly how much the work will cost before deciding the most appropriate dates to schedule the work.

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