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Web design for mobile devices

The mobile internet is growing very quickly indeed. Of the world's 4 billion mobile phones, 1.8 billion are now smart phones. By 2014, mobile internet is set to overtake desktop internet usage globally.

In response Axolotl Systems have developed Mob-o-lotl a powerful plug-in to Manage-o-lotl, our comprehensive Content Management Software.

Mobile web design is very different to traditional website design. Axolotl Systems will ensure your brand provides the best online user experience possible, on whichever device your customers choose to use.

The basics of mobile website design

  • Reduce, refine and target your content.
  • Build around a single column layout.
  • Create mobile optimised navigation.
  • Minimise text entry.
  • Decide on a cut down of your existing website or create a separate mobile specific site.
  • Create a responsive website that caters for all devices.
  • Manage your mobile and traditional websites centrally to minimise administration.

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