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Here at Axolotl systems, we're committed to the development of websites and web-based applications which make it easy for the end user.

By thoroughly testing all web based applications and by drawing on eye tracking information we aim to ensure an intuative, easily navigable user experience.

Summarised below, there are many elements which must be considered when developing a usable web application for your business.


Ensuring accessibility is best practice, at Axolotl Systems our software has been developed to ensure that websites can be accessible to as many different web users as possible, regardless of any disabilities they may have (visual, auditory, mobility or cognitive), geographical location, device and browser used to browse the Web, etc.


The format of the URL structure should be designed to incorporate relevant words that indicate the heirarchy of the website. Take this page for example .../services/web-design/usability. The URL is hackable, (not in a bad way) by which we mean that if the user wished they could remove the leading "/usability" part and would be taken to the web design page.

User Centric Website Design

You will read references throughout our website about Axolotl getting to know and understand your business, to meet your needs for a user-centric website design design we will work with you to clearly define the needs of your business, your goals and your objectives.


Axolotl Systems subscribe to the aims of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the main international standards organisation for the World Wide Web.

"Founded by Tim Berners-Lee and currently headed by him, the consortium is made up of member organisations who aim to enforce compatibility and agreement among industry members in the adoption of new standards defined by the W3C. Incompatible versions of HTML are offered by different vendors, causing inconsistency in how Web pages are displayed. The consortium tries get all those vendors to implement a set of core principles and components which are chosen by the consortium."

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